TextWine: Any wine. Any time.

Any Wine. Any Time!

A revolutionary wine service that will price, source and deliver the wines you enjoyed when you were out and about.

Simply sign up below, save the mobile number you will receive and send us your favourite wine pics. No more shopping carts – just text how many you would like and we will deliver ASAP.

4 steps to any wine, any time.


Join TextWine and receive a welcome text.


Send us a wine photo and we will send you a retail price.


You respond with how many bottles you would like.


Your wine will be delivered to your doorstep.

Sign up now, text your wine pics today.

We just need a few details to get you started, plus a small $10 fee to get you set up in our system. We will refund this on your first order. Too easy.

Textwine Signups

Firstly, your phone number & date of birth

You must be 18 years of age or older, Australian residents only.

Shipping Information

The address we will deliver your wine to – unless you tell us otherwise.

Credit Card

You will be charged the initial $10 signup fee, then only when a confirmed order is processed.

AUD $10.00

Share the love, get the rewards.

Share the wine. Get the rewards

How it works

Want to save money on the wines you love? Join our TextWine referral program and bring your friends, family and colleagues in on the secret.

For every new customer that buys through your referral code link, you’ll get free shipping applied to your next eligible TextWine order.

Simple text “Help” to TextWine and we will reply with the custom referral link that you can send out.

If someone buys through your referral link and they are a new TextWine customer, you’ll get a credit for free shipping on your next order of wine. For example if you send the link to 10 people and 5 of them buy, and they’re all new to TextWine, you’ll get 5 free shipping credits.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping for TextWine orders of 6 bottles or more. All orders for 1-5 bottles will attract a shipping fee of $12.50.

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